• 11.1.2014 - McCoy was Best In Show male and Kat von D was Best In Show Youngster in Brædstrup!


• 8.12.2013 - McCoy and Jack won Best Male and Best Youngster at a hobby show 


• 26.10.2013 - McCoy and Kat both got Nominated at the World Show!


• 1.9.2013. - The "Shoe-brands" litter won Best In Show litter!






Information about DK Eife



Welcome to the homepage of Eife's. We aim to breed black silver classic taby and black classic tabby (brown classic tabby) european shorthairs with an excellent temperament.


We speak and write english, so feel free to send us an e-mail on or call us on +4528708498. A message in our guestbook is of course also more than welcome.




** We have kittens!**



We have kittens born on the 16nd of November after CH Eife's Quicksilver and Kassilan Seudun Shemeikka. More information will come later.

Quicksilver with her kittens at 1 week



Kittens from Eife's will be sold with a pedigree from FIFé. They will be vaccinated, ID-marked (tattoo or chip), ID-registred and, regardless of sex, they will be neutered before leaving our home. Treatment for fleas and worms will be given only if necessary.

Kittens grow up as a part of the family and will be in hands from the beginning of their lives. They will be used to having ears, teeth, eyes and claws checked. Thus making daily handling and the yearly visit at the veterinary easier. Kittens will also be used to other cats, as we have two neuters besides the europeans. The kittens will grow up on quality dry and canned food, with raw meat as supplement.


Kittens will not be sold to homes where there are no other cats. A cat enjoys the company of another cat. Two cats can sleep together, play together and as it's said; it takes another cat to wash a cat behind the ear.

The owner of two cats is also able to observe much more fun and joyful cat-behavior. We therefore give a discount when two kittens are bought together.

Our kittens are normally not sold to homes where they will roam free outside. A fenced garden or an enclosure for the cats is preferred, but it is also accepted that they will live only inside the house or appartment.

There are many dangers for cats in the world of today. Traffic, other animals and people, who does not enjoy cats as much as the owners, are just some of the dangers. Cats running free have high risks of gettinginto fights with other cats, which can give wounds, boils and can transfer (deadly) diseases.


Trille in our garden, 9½ months




Us and our home


Our little family consist of Casper and I. My name is Eva. I'm cand. scient. in biology from the University of Århus. Casper is a teacher. We live in a row house in the suburbs of Århus. The cats are mostly my interest, though Casper participate in it and enjoys the everyday life with the cats. 


I've loved cats ever since I was a little girl. This has steadily evolved into an interest and a hobby. I go to a lot of seminars and lectures to learn more, and I participated in my first JYRAK breeder seminar in 2007. I have an interest for genetics and behavior too – both as part of my interest for cats and as a part of my education.

We also participates in cat shows, both for the fun of it and as a place to meet and talk to others of the same interest.

I've known for a long time that I wished to be a cat breeder and I'm very happy that this dream has finally come true.


Casper and Eva, 2009




The breed - European (Shorthair)


Why an European Shorthair? That's a question that can only be answered individually. When choosing a cat one needs to consider which temperament will suit you and the family. Also the amount of fur care should be taking into considerations. And of course which look that appeals.


The european is in general a very adaptive, affectionate and relaxed breed, though still with that certain independence so well-known and loved in cats. They are a very intelligent breed, and they're interested in all guests of the house. The european likes to be petted and cuddled, but are not obnoxious in their affections.

The european shorthair is an elegant and agile cat, that likes to challenge its balance and abilities in climbing in its stratching tree. But it is not one to jump 3 meters into the air and balance on the curtain rail.

The advantage of choosing an europé over a household cat is the security in temperament and look. That is because both look and temperament is much more similar from cat to cat in a well established breed, as breeders select for a good and stabile temperament and a certain look. In household cats there are great differences in both temperament and looks.

There is next to none fur care with an european. In the shedding period one might want to brush the cat, so the fur ends up on the brush instead of the couch.


Eife's "Criminal Minds"-litter at 11 weeks

Haley - our keeper from that litter - is the one in the middel






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